Flourish with Optimism, Live Deliberately.

Welcome to our vibrant church community, where optimism thrives and intentional living is embraced. Our mission is to prepare people for the Lord through faith, righteousness, holiness, and love. We educate and empower both the small and great, showing that there is room for growth and greatness with God. Strengthening the weak in faith, we share the message of abundant life and hope found in Christ’s teachings. By administering material blessings to the needy, we embody God’s love. With Jesus at the center, we fearlessly proclaim the Gospel to all, transcending barriers of tribe, tongue, and status. Join us as we radiate hope, illuminate purpose, and build a global family rooted in Christ’s love, transforming lives along the way.

What We Belive.

Our Vision

To bring HOPE and RESTORATION to all Men.

Our Mission

To make ready a people for the Lord by means of wholesome and balanced, teaching of the word.

Our Method

Through the Teaching of God's Word and administering material blessings to the needy

Our Workforce

Our dedicated workforce passionately meets community needs through grassroots projects and ongoing initiatives. We take pride in showcasing their remarkable efforts.

Join Our Various Fellowships

Men of Honour

Join the Men’s Fellowship as we build strong men for a better society. Addressing issues related to men, we believe their active participation is crucial for societal improvement. Led by a dedicated executive body, we meet every Second Thursday of the month at 6pm to shine our light and share our message.

Father’s Jewel

Join the Women’s Fellowship, where godly women have historically championed great achievements and raised godly men. We believe that a balanced society requires the input of godly women, who possess character and grace. Led by dedicated executives, we meet every Second Thursday of the month at 6pm to make a positive impact.

Ladies and Gents

This is the singles’ fellowship, where the strength of young men shines. We harness and direct their energy. Like David, youth can conquer any challenge. A well-nurtured generation can overcome giants. We stay passionate. The fellowship is led by a rotating body of executives.

Daniel's Company

Daniel’s Company is the Teenage expression of Hope Alive Christian Centre. In this company, we take our lead from Christ, who is the source of everything we do. He keeps us in step with each other. His very breath and blood flow through us, nourishing us so that we will grow up healthy in God and robust in love.

Hope of Tomorrow

The children are the future and we pay particular attention to the growth, development and spiritual nourishment of every one child in our care. This unit works tirelessly to ensure that the future generation is properly brought up in the way of the Lord by teaching God’s word and all other forms of relevant training for the benefit of the children.

Connect With Our Pastors

Pastor Samuel & Jumoke Bode-Lawal

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