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Men of Honour

This is the men's fellowship. The building of the society begins with the building of the man. Here, we deal with issues as it relates to men. If the society is going to be any better off, the men must take their place and have their say. At home, on the job, on the streets, we have a light to shine, a message to give. This fellowship is headed by a body of executives that runs per tenure.  

The Men's fellowship meets Second Thursday of every month by 6pm

Father's Jewel

This is the women's fellowship. No more shall 'Eve eat the fruit'! Godly women, all through history have been known to champion the causes of great achievements and raised godly men. We can't have a balanced society without the input of godly women. Beyond the charm and beauty, there's character and grace which the world so badly needs. This fellowship is headed by a body of executives that runs per tenure. 

The Women's fellowship meets Second Thursday of every month by 6pm

Ladies and Gents

This is the singles' fellowship. The glory of the young man is his strength. There's so much strength and energy to be harnessed and channeled aright here. David conquered Goliath as a young man. It doesn't matter what giant confronts any society today, a well brought up youth can bring it down. Let's keep the fire burning. This fellowship is headed by a body of executives that runs per tenure.

The Singles' fellowship meets Third Thursday of every month by 6pm


Home Fellowships

A list of all the home fellowships will be updated here soon. 

Workers' Units

Sight & Sound - Media Department

Projection of audio-visual excellence for effective communication and interaction in every service in order to enable maximum participation and create a graphically charged atmosphere of worship. The media department oversees every aspect of sound and visual projection in all services creating an ambience working in concert with the spiritual tone set by His awesome Presence.

Watchers - Intercessory Department

With a strong grip on the horns of the altar, he who prays brings God's Hands to bear in the affairs of life. The key of prayers unlocks even the firmest of doors and brings every opposition down to its knees. Call this the power house of the church, if you may, they hold regular and consistent prayer meetings and provide a prayer cover for every aspect of the church, and even beyond. Testimonies abound to the effect and impact of this unit. The unit is currently running a special intervention programme for our nation constituted of a PRAY4NIGERIA team which consists of members of the church with the burden to intercede for Nigeria. 

Reflection - Follow-Up Department

Taking the gospel of love and care to the very doors of the home front. Who you are at home and how you fare touches our very heart and soul. We will be there for you… no matter what! The church is not confined to the four walls of the meeting arena, it goes to the very dwelling of all those who make up the church. This department cares how you fare at home and abroad. For us, it's not just ok to know you came to church, we want to be sure you're doing ok at home as well. After your first visit, you cease to be a visitor anymore. This unit sees to your integration into the family. 

Pure Breed - Music Department

Godly combination of lyrics and melody creating a refreshing harmony between the human and the divine. The right music and the right spirit delivers heaven on earth. An atmosphere of true worship can literally change EVERYTHING. There is really nothing like being in tune with the Heartbeat of God. Music has always played a pivotal role in the ministry of the Spirit. A rich time of praise and worship forges the template for the move of God and Spirit-inspired special numbers and all forms of music ministrations enrich the soul. This department oversees every aspect of music ministration. 

I Care - Welfare Department

The care of the body in form of material things makes the gospel better felt in the soul and in the spirit. We love you, not just in words, but literally, in deeds. Caring for and meeting the material needs of the body is the major responsibility of this unit. The gospel should translate beyond words and letter; it should be felt in the heart and hands. 

P's & Q's - Protocol Department

Chaos has never been in the divine order. Keeping the house o f God clean and orderly constitutes a physical exercise that makes the spiritual exercise effective and productive. The author of confusion has no footing here. Ensuring orderliness and cleanliness is the primary responsibility of this unit. It is imperative that the house of God represent the order that He stands for. This unit keeps the house clean, neat and tidy thereby creating a suiting and relaxing atmosphere for the move of the Spirit.

HOT (Hope of Tomorrow) Church - Children's Department

All we do now is for the future. The baton of leadership must fall in the hands of a prepared generation. Yes! We do still have Davids and Pauls and Esthers amongst our rising stars today and we shall find and nurture them well. The price to pay for giving a godly heritage to the next generation is nothing compared to the price to pay for a lost one. The children are the future and we pay particular attention to the growth, development and spiritual nourishment of every one child in our care. This unit works tirelessly to ensure that the future generation is properly brought up in the way of the Lord by teaching God's word and all other forms of relevant training for the benefit of the children.

Expressions - Drama Department

Giving the Gospel a dramatic appeal actually carries a strong message and leaves a lasting impression. Agabus prophesied to Paul employing this ministry; watch out, there are yet more prophecies to come. We preach the word, not in words only but also in action.

Radiant - Greeters' Department

A warm handshake and a friendly smile can make all the difference in one's day. It matters to us how you feel when you come and also when you leave. There's enough to spare and to share; need some?