Hope Alive Christian Centre is a dynamic fellowship of God's people with a mission to bring hope and restoration to all men.


• To make ready a people for the Lord by means of instruction In Faith, Righteousness, Holiness and Love.
• To educate the small that there’s room for Increase and the great, that with GOD they can be greater still.
• To strengthen the weak in Faith. And
• To Cause all Men to know that in Christ there’s Life and Hope


Sam Bode-Lawal

A graduate and degree holder in mathematics/computer science, he laid aside his certificate to answer God's call on his life and to pursue the vision God set before him to bring hope to a hopeless world. Indeed, the grace and mandate for the call is richly evident upon him. He is consumed with passion for the race set before him and completely sold-out for the work of the ministry.

Possessing the gifts and qualities of a visionary leader, he leaves nothing to chance as he pursues excellence in all aspects of his life and ministry. Under his leadership, the church and ministry has impacted countless lives bringing joy to heavy hearts; laughter to crying lips; strength to weary souls; healing to bruised lives and ultimately, hope to a hopeless world. His insight into God's word resounds with grace and authority.

An avid reader and graceful speaker, he stands a tower beaming radiance of hope to the borders and horizon around him. Indeed, he is always a delight to listen to declaring God's counsel and living Word to the church. He has stood on several pulpits and equally gained international platforms in ministry. The Word of God on his lips spans beyond the four walls of a local assembly far-reaching to the church beyond the borders of the nation. He stands as evidence of what God can do in a man's life when that life is wholly given to Him. From a humble beginning, he strove against waves and the tides of life, flooring mountains and leveling valleys as God brought him on life's journey. His life, indeed is a testimony, a testimony that has become a strong message of hope testifying of the love, faithfulness and power of God to raise even the most lowly to great heights. Though a leader and highly anointed of God, his humble disposition makes him difficult to spot in the midst of the congregation. He relates freely and closely with all around making himself quite accessible.

A driving passion that is evidently visible in him is a desire and zeal to be a blessing in both spiritual and material things. He is an established giver and has shown, not only in words but also in deeds that "money is not a commodity to hoard but a blessing to share". He is currently the editor-in-chief of "GoldMine", a publication produced to make the message of hope even more far reaching. A family man and a lover of music, he is married to Jumoke Bode-Lawal and they are blessed with four wonderful children; two boys and two girls: Doyin, Damola, Dotun and Dayo.

Jumoke Bode-Lawal

An accountant, married to Sam Bode-Lawal and they are blessed with four wonderful children: Doyin, Damola, Dotun and Dayo. She runs a monthly prayer meeting for women tagged 'God's Maiden' designed to raise a godly generation of women lending a voice to God's counsel and establishing God's will at home, the society and the nation at large. She is actively involved in several activities in the church providing motherly care an insight into all that the church and ministry represents. She currently functions, amongst other activities, in the following units: Intercessory department, Pray for Nigeria team and the Marriage counseling team.

Her deep insight into God's word and passion for the growth and maturity of God's people make her an invaluable asset in the work of the ministry. Beyond the borders of the church, her ministry and gift has touched countless others as she is often invited to minister in several churches and programmes. Just as her public ministry is so profound, so is her private and quiet time with God. With a heart of love and care, she is deeply sensitive to people around her providing necessary counseling, guidance, financial and material support to all she can. A mother indeed...

What we believe

- There is one God
- Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died and rose from the dead
- Jesus is the only way to eternal life
- Through the in-filing of the Holy Spirit, God lives in and through us
- The Bible is God’s perfect Word
- All men need to be saved
- The dead shall rise again
- Water baptism by immersion of the whole body and the Lord’s Supper
- Jesus is coming again